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Breaking Wind is a Single shot shell ejecting Blaster that can fire a variety of ammo types Depending on which shell is loaded !

There will be two color options Primary being the grey parts in the image above
Secondary color will be all the Black pieces shown above. ( there will also be an option to add 4 shells for additional $7.50)

what is included with optional shells is:
1x Blue shell ( Shoots Single elite dart)
1x Red Shell ( Shoots Single Mega dart)
1x Yellow Shell (Shoots Triple Rival Balls)
1x White Shell ( Shoots Two elite darts)

[We have talked with Harrison Lu and permission to sell spring thunder shells and have worked out a commission price to honor his amazing work !]

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Ships in 4-6 Weeks
8.00 (in)
8.00 (in)
2.00 (in)
We will replace parts that do not work as advertised but are not liable for misuse or handling as well as how shipping services handle the product, but will do what we can to make sure it arrives safe.
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