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Updates to the Gecko recommend 10cm Barrel we are also offering an option of 15 cm option that has the last 5cm machined to larger inner diameter to keep consitant performance as well as keeping the nice aesthetic.

This is the Gecko, a foam blaster designed by Ehdrien, With his permission we are in the process of selling the Gecko along side our original blasters!

Whats included:

10 round printed mag
9kg spring
.509 aluminum barrel

Color Explanation: Relate back to image 

Primary is equal to Grey 

Secondary is equal to Green 

Third Color is equal to Orange 


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We will replace parts that do not work as advertised but are not liable for misuse or handling as well as how shipping services handles the product but will do what we can to make sure it arrives safe.
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The gecko is awesome

Monique Cruz on Aug 23rd 2021

This is the best pistol I bought so far, I love it the color and everything.