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This blaster is named SecondWind & is created by Josh and Quinn of CYardNerf.

The Second Wind is a compact 7 shot manual rotation blaster that can shoot full or half length Nerf darts at 100 FPS or greater.

This was designed with the intention of being super reliable along with having decent performance, no failed rotations, no weird jams. If you line up a dart and prime it we want a dart to shoot. We came by the idea after joking about putting a hammer shot revolver on a jolt and then proceeded to look at a Bigshock.

ALL HOLSTERS WILL BE BLACK, although the belt loop will be the Primary color.
Primary color = All the purple pieces in photo
Secondary color = All silver pieces in photo

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We will replace parts that do not work as advertised but are not liable for misuse or handling as well as how shipping services handle the product, but will do what we can to make sure it arrives safe.
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